T-Pren was developed over 25 years ago in Europe to overcome expansion problems in metal gutters. The daily and seasonal thermal cycling causes metal gutter linings to expand and contract, and if expansion joints are not provided this movement will cause the metal to crack and so the gutter to leak.

The traditional solution was to use the metal in short lengths, increasing the need for outlets, or incorporate expansion steps into the gutter. However, the height of the parapet may not be able to accommodate the number of steps required or, in the case of masonry, it may not be possible to cut the steps.

T-Pren was developed to overcome these problems by providing a waterproof expansion joint, which reduces the number of outlets and eliminates the need for steps. Lead TPren Plus was developed to overcome objections to the appearance of the black neoprene. It has a unique protective cover strip that maintains consistent metal appearance across the joint and prevents damage from foot traffic and building materials.

The versatility of T-Pren makes it suitable for gutters of all shapes, widths and falls. Although expansion is more of a problem in internal gutter linings, T-Pren is also used in external gutters and structural self-supporting assemblies. Different versions are available for each metal - aluminium, copper, lead, stainless, terne coated stainless and zinc
The lead version of T-Pren is recommended by the Lead Sheet Association for wallhead and timber eaves gutters where the conventional drip cannot be used. T-Pren is produced to ISO 9002 quality standard with neoprene conforming to the stringent German DIN standards and the metals to the relevant British Standard. Full details are shown in the ‘Properties & Standards’ section.
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